A unique alternative to in-house staffing or agency hiring


A revolution in
small business marketing

Empower is a next-generation app making digital marketing easy and fun for companies of all sizes. The Empower Digital Marketing Assistant is an innovative solution that allows you to manage your marketing in a few minutes per day. Powered by automation, AI and the world’s greatest marketing experts to deliver highly successful marketing campaigns.

Gamify Your Marketing

Now serving local businesses across THE US AND CANADA

Powering marketing for hundreds of small businesses like yours

Save Time


Empower provides self-managed services through our web and mobile apps, eliminating the time you spend hiring, managing and supporting human resources.

Increase Efficiency


Empower’s marketing service platform acts as a centralized and intelligent repository where your assets, data and campaign results merge together to yield new insights on future campaign direction and optimization.

Reduce Costs


Empower’s pay-per-use model gives you more bang for your buck. Not only does it deliver the best value for the price, but it also enables you to set your commitment level from short to long-term. At all times, you decide the arrangement that suits your marketing investment profile with no long-term contracts.


Swipe new cards everyday to get your marketing done!

Empower learns
about your company

Your Digital Assistant scans your business environment and asks questions to increase performance and improve results.

Empower recommends
the best course of action

Your Digital Assistant is a marketing guru. It constantly looks for ways to optimize your marketing investment and increase the visibility of your brand.

Empower manages
your marketing

Your Marketing Assistant answers commands, approves requests, provides project status updates, reminds you of important milestones, etc.

Empower tracks
your results

Your Digital Assistant keeps you posted on marketing results by providing key performance indicators on an ongoing basis.

Empower keeps
you informed

You Digital Assistant provides you with insights on you competitors, news from your industry, feedback from followers and much more.

More from your Digital Assistant

Live chat with an expert

Live chat with an

to ask questions or request services, at any time, from anywhere.

Keep your marketing assets organized

Keep your marketing
assets organized

by providing a secure vault for marketing assets, customer data and campaign reports.

Combine the best marketing apps

Combine the best
marketing apps

available in the market.
We do the work,
you reap the benefits.

What our clients are saying

“The Empower team is best-of-class, courteous, sharp and client focused. I’m always happy to deal with them and send them my clients”.
Yasser Waly, RCGT Partner
“Highly reactive and adaptable team! Easy to collaborate and find social media solutions with”.
David Fugère-Lamarre, Co-Founder and CEO
“Empower: great service, great expertise... But most importantly great results!”.
Simon Hénault, White Villas, Turks and caicos
“The quality of recommendations, the execution of weekly posts and the availability of the team are absolutely remarkable!”.
Rémi, Brand Manager
“The team at Empower is dynamic and especially focused on the client experience. They are knowledgeable and highly collaborative when finding the best social media solutions and approach for their clients. It has been a pleasure to work with this team on many fronts.”.
Valérie De Saint-Jean, Regional Manager, Marketing and Communications
“I recommend Empower to help bring your social media game to the next level, in engaging your current and potential customers. They simply get it!”.
Jamie Benizri, CEO
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We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience.

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