We’re always wondering what your next best move should be


To simplify your life, we developed a unique approach to improve the results of your campaigns: based on your marketing objectives, Empower automatically recommends the most important actions you can take to boost your marketing results.

How the notification service works?

Having a marketing team in your pocket means having a different kind of relationship than what you had with your old-fashioned marketing provider.

Instead of telling your employees what they should be doing or waiting for a freelancer or agency to propose marketing initiatives, Empower engages with you daily through its system of notifications.

Strategic or tactical information

Every day, you receive information about your industry, the marketing world and statistics about how you’re performing. You also get tips, tricks and information on all the latest Empower features, daily updates on all the Key Performance Indicators that are important to your business and up-to-the-minute alerts on all your campaigns.This means you never have to wait for a cryptic monthly report to track your progress.

Important Actions to be taken

The Empower application interacts with you on a regular basis to better understand your business. We ask questions to increase the relevance of our recommendations and suggest practical actions you can take to ultimately achieve amazing marketing results.

Expert Recommendations to optimize your marketing dollar

The true value of Empower lies in its ability to understand your company, your industry, your competitors, and your marketing objectives. This allows us to constantly recommend the next best course of action to move your business to the next level. At your own pace, and based on your current budget, you can approve recommendations that are then immediately implemented by our team of experts. Every recommendation is tied to specific and trackable business results that allows your company to measure your ROI daily.
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