We’re always wondering what your next best move should be


To simplify your life, we developed a unique approach to improve the results of your campaigns: based on your marketing objectives, Empower automatically recommends the most important actions you can take to boost your marketing results.

How the notification service works?

Dealing with a traditional marketing provider is relegated to the past when you consider having a whole marketing team ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Empower’s notification service redefines the very notion of a close and agile relationship.

Our notification service’s daily engagements make the need to instruct employees or count on freelancers or agencies for guidance outdated.

Instant Strategic and tactical information

Empower’s notification service is akin to having your own research team sifting through reams of data to continuously feed your marketing strategies and tactics. Everything you need to know about your industry, the digital marketing world, the latest Empower features, and industry-centric Key Performance Indicators is instantly delivered to you. In addition, you’ll be alerted daily about updates on marketing campaign statistics you would otherwise get sporadically if not rarely.

Take the right actions at the right time

External information is vital, but so is information on your own business experience. You hold a wealth of knowledge and data we can mine and turn into relevant actionable insights. By interacting regularly with the Empower application, we can implement timely fine-tuned actions engineered to achieve dramatic marketing results.  


The Empower application is specifically designed to master what matters in making your business successful: the essence of your company, your industry, your competitors, and your objectives. In doing so, every course of action we put forth is devised to reach a new milestone. You decide the pace and the level of investment, and we adjust and optimize accordingly. Achieving the greatest ROI is the ultimate goal. And you can track your progress and all your key success factors daily, and enjoy every moment of your journey to success.

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