How has voice search impacted the marketing world?

Sarah Oirdighi

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Every year, voice research is becoming more and more important in the marketing world. With more than 20% of mobile searches performed through voice search platforms such as “Ok Google” on Android or “Siri” on iPhone, this new feature of smartphones is an important factor to think about as a marketer and business owner.

global-voice-search 27 percent

Since voice search consists mainly of speaking to your computer or smartphone to search online, it is essential to also address the issue of voice SEO so your website can be well referenced during voice searches.

“Voice SEO is the art of positioning a website in relation to vocal requests often issued as questions and/or ” conversational talk “. Concretely, it is a matter of creating optimized content that will be likely to be relevant to voice searches conducted on Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.”

According to the numerous data studies conducted by Google, here are the main themes of oral searches: 

  • Searching for a quick fact – 68 percent
  • Asking for directions – 65 per cent
  • Searching for a company – 47 per cent
  • Search for a product or service – 44
  • Making a shopping list – 39 per cent
Used by both teens (33%) and adults (40%), voice search is steadily gaining ground, especially because it is more convenient for users to talk directly on the phone rather than typing the search, but also because voice search results are generally faster to load.

In order to help you optimize your website to meet the expectations of your users, here are some strategies to establish in order to achieve your goals: 
Optimize your local SEO: 
58% of American consumers have done a local business search by voice on a smartphone*. As you can see, in order to make your business shine locally, you will have to rely on natural SEO. The first step to start SEO optimization for your website is to create a Google My Business account to ensure your visibility on Google Maps. 
voice assistant market share

Adapt your content in oral speech

Since this is a voice search, users tend to use more familiar, common language. We advise you to carefully analyze the vocabulary used by your target audience to identify the words used to refer to your products or services.
Use Google Analytics and Google Adwords to find the relevant keywords corresponding to your business.

Creating content based on question/answer

The requests issued by Internet users are most often issued in the form of a question. “What’s the weather like?” “What time is the movie show?” “Why are the apples red?”. Since users adopt a conversational tone, the content must automatically adapt to this trend in order to meet the search requirements. A good strategy is to create a Q/A category on your website. The Q/A will allow you to provide relevant answers to the questions most frequently asked by your users.

Adapt the mobile experience

Since voice searches are done through smartphones, your website must be adapted to this kind of traffic, and therefore be responsive. Make sure that the content is displayed correctly on cell phones. With the arrival of the Mobile First Index, mobile optimization has become an important issue since your position on mobile impacts the main ranking.

In addition to making sure of these factors, you must also optimize the loading speed and regularly check the mobile functionalities by doing navigation tests!

Even if voice search and voice commands are not used by everyone, what we could call “voice habit” is already established. Consumers are increasingly using voice to control their smartphones, as well as connected devices in their homes. Marketers need to pay attention to how their ads are displayed and optimized on phones, since voice has now become the new search engine.

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