Google Ranking: Why you need to rank higher

Morvan Le Borgne

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What is Google Ranking?

Do you dream of your business being number one in Google search results?

Well, know that it is a dream within your reach but requires patience and skill!

First, note that Google uses over 200 positioning factors in its algorithm to rank search results … The parameters used to change from year to year. Enough to lose your Latin.

According to our SEO experts, the three most important factors in SEO are:

  • links from authority sites,
  • keywords in the title corresponding to the search query,
  • and editorial content that matches the page’s search phrase.

Once your content has been analyzed, Google attributes a rating to your page (The PageRank) and compares it to your competitors. “PageRank” is a calculation that assesses websites’ relevance based on the quality and quantity of links redirecting to that page across the web and on the quality of its content. Google does not publish information about its PageRank algorithm, which makes it a closely guarded secret.

When a site redirects to your website, Google considers this an endorsement of your website’s authority and quality. The links, therefore, allow the search engine to understand which websites are trustworthy or not.

At the heart of SEO is the research and analysis of key phrases. Keywords are fundamental building blocks for achieving a high rank in Google rankings. It is thanks to this system that your website becomes visible. Making sure your keywords are relevant connects people to your content.

Why your business needs a good Google ranking

To ask the question is to answer it … don’t you think?

Here are some statistics to help you better understand all the benefits of improving your Google ranking:

20 billion sites

sites are visited by Google every day.

80 000 requests

are made every second or 6.9 billion per day.

15% of requests

are new requests 
½ billion per day! !

93% of search traffic

in Canada comes from the Google search engine

What are the dangers of not getting good Google rankings?

90% of potential consumers see only the first page of results on the Google search engine.

If your business doesn’t come up in Google’s first-page search results, 90% of your prospects won’t even know you exist.

As the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind.

How Can Empower Help Your Business Get Good Google Rankings?

We have been supporting SME owners in their digital strategy for more than ten years. One of the biggest drawbacks we find with our customers day in and day out is the lack of a business on the first page of Google search results.

Our team can help you improve your SEO to carve out a place in the front row and aim to get out number 1 on the Google search results pages.

Please feel free to contact an EMPOWER team expert to find out more: email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-885-9970.

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