Five forward-thinking prep tips for Metaverse innovation

Smaller entrepreneurs need to think about tomorrow today. Here’s a starter kit

Damiel Forman
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It was true in 1996 when Bill Gates coined the phrase. It’s remained true until today. And it will become more true than ever in the metaverse.
“Content is King,” Gates famously stated.
The only thing we’d challenge about that statement is that content can just as easily be Queen.
But what Gates didn’t tell us was that the key to the monarchy is connectivity.
The thing that’s brought people together online – from the earliest message boards to the chat apps to the dawn of social media until the present – has been the digital world’s ability to connect us meaningfully.
No, it’s not perfect. How could a new world reach maturity in such a short period?
All we can do is be a part of the progress with our best foot forward. As we prepare to take our eCommerce clients to the metaverse, here are some of the ways we suggest small businesses prepare for the shift.
Get ready to think “meta”
What does that mean? Well, that depends on you. Think about what your business might do well in the metaverse.
Do you have products you think would lend themselves to 3D showcasing? Are you in a position to bring visual or creative design into a new realm, something along the lines of NFTs? Could it be that you’d be the ideal host for a meeting space for people in your industry?
Only you know. Here’s the beautiful thing: the possibilities for what shape the metaverse will take are limitless right now. If you can imagine it, odds are you’ll be able to make it a reality, virtually speaking.
Stake your claim!
Hopefully, you’ve started this. If not, consider this your 11th-hour reminder: claim your business name across all possible platforms. Make sure no one else is holding your identity hostage, even on platforms you don’t use yet.
In much the same way enterprising tech types bought and sold internet domain names in the early days of the worldwide web, there are entities out there right now betting that some company is going to pay them big bucks to buy their own name back on digital platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat and beyond.
Claiming and certifying your business name – even if you’re still not using a given platform – is something you can proactively do today to ensure you’re metaverse-ready tomorrow. And Empower can get you started with this initiative right away.
Poll your audience
It sounds simple but it’s not even a trend yet: ask your existing social media audience and customers what they expect from the metaverse. What do they want to see, or hope to experience? What do they not want? How can your business help them meet those needs?
Sure, there will be people who aren’t sure what to answer. They might ask what the metaverse really means (Point them to my blog if you’re not sure what to tell them!)
So you’re really doing two things by taking this action: you’ll find out what customers are thinking about today, and also what they think about the future.
And you’re creating meaningful engagements with these exchanges of information. Maybe you’ll even become a niche thought leader in this regard, in your clients’ eyes, just because you asked.
You’re opening a dialogue that they probably haven’t partaken in yet. And you can harness what you learn for today’s success and tomorrow’s, alike.
Metaverse makeover: time for a rebrand?
Novelty will be the first order of business as the transition to commercial space in the metaverse becomes populated. What will you do differently? And how will you position yourself?
It may be that your brand, product or service is ripe for success in the virtual world but needs a new look to accompany the feel. It may be something as simple as creating a 3D version of your logo, or some new tag lines that creatively, cleverly and clearly help you build the recognition you’ve established.
I’m not suggesting you need to rebuild from scratch. Again, the idea is to visualize it and begin to prepare. What will you keep the same and what, in your wildest dreams, would you change overnight? That’s the type of thinking the metaverse invites.
That said…
Remember what makes you great!
You’re in business today because you’re good at what you do. Change is in the air, and always will be. The metaverse itself will change and change again.
Think about your metaverse presence as an adaptation rather than an about-face. The consistency of your strengths – what makes your business yours – will serve to start you off from a place of confidence.
Empower, for our part, will help you decide on the tools to help you transition your talents. We’ll find the right content and strategic measures to lend stride to that confidence as we walk toward new horizons for success, and a new realm of connectivity.
When the time comes, Empower will make sure your business is Metaverse-minded.
Click on the Live Chat window and speak to an Empower success manager about how we can help.

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