Why Instagram is Crucial to Small Businesses in 2021

Daniel Forman

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It is no secret that most industries nowadays depend on social media to expand their customer base and maximize productivity. Startups and small businesses also require an effective approach to grow, and social media becomes the best tool to interact with potential customers. Instagram has proven to be among the best platforms for small businesses, especially with its low operation cost while serving multiple functions. That said, here are the importance of Instagram for small businesses in 2021.


Importance of Instagram for Small Businesses In 2021

Since its inception in October 2010, Instagram has been on upward trend in terms of its users. That’s it stands as the best cost effective social platform to boost small businesses in 2021. Discussed below are the top benefits of Instagram to the small businesses.

1. Builds Your Brand

Typically, Instagram is a visual social media platform where small businesses can easily connect with existing and prospective customers. As a small business, you need efficient but straightforward methods of reaching your audience at low costs. Sharing detailed photos and videos about the business, staff, and customers on Instagram helps engage your customers effectively. Besides, visual feeds often reflect the brand’s uniqueness while differentiating your business from the rest. This helps create robust growth in users, thus building your brand.

2. Boosts Your Sales

Frequent updates to Instagram followers help provide great insights suitable for increasing sales. Notably, the use of Instagram Ads and promotions plays a vital role in driving traffic to your website and boost your operation concerning sales. With this, Instagram becomes an excellent tool for small businesses, more so when launching new products or services. Besides, it helps in generating more clients essential for the growth of the business. More Instagram followers mean increased prospective customers, crucial for boosting your sales.

3. Tell Fascinating Stories

Small businesses can use Instagram Stories to communicate interesting facts that boost customer engagement. It is among the most effective marketing strategies that build your brand, helping you grow your business. You can also use Instagram Stories to provide discounts and special offers, including flash sales, or run contents and keep your followers entertained. Telling interesting stories via Instagram has become a common approach that helps small enterprises to attract more customers leading to increased productivity.

4. Creating Correlation with Like-Minded People

Social media focuses on networking, sequentially helping small businesses to connect with like-minded people sharing similar interests. Intrinsically, Instagram provides a platform to interact and collaborate with other brands and influencers who help promote your target audience. Creating connections with like-minded people enable small businesses to attract more consumers, especially in the target market. With such social networking capabilities, small and medium-sized businesses increase their customer base and expand operations over time.

5. Remain Updated with Customer Trends

Small businesses using Instagram make the most of emerging trends, thus make decisive conclusions based on consumer feedback. Here, you share your interests in trends by posting subjects on particular days or informing your audience for a good cause. Informed followers get to familiarize themselves with your business’s everyday activities, hence getting attracted to your products and services. More so, being up to date with trends enables your business to get more customers while providing a sense of community engagement.

6. Driving Traffic to Your Page

Having an established Instagram page comes in handy primarily in strengthening trust, promoting your reputation among consumers. Small businesses utilize hashtags and location tags essential for users to find your Instagram account readily. Besides, you can create branded hashtags and monitor usage. When users follow your hashtag, they can swiftly receive your content whenever you post them and get informed. It is a fundamental reason that improves the customer base and converts users to potential customers.

7. Offers Practical Customer Service Options

Sometimes, your customers need to learn more regarding your business, and Instagram can be the right platform to communicate your operations. You can provide acumen about products or services available and what makes you the best option for them. Tell them about discounts, promotions, the uniqueness of your business, and more. Therefore, Instagram becomes your best tool to answer all your customers’ questions. It also provides relevant information to potential customers looking to explore your business.

8. Cost-Effective Brand Recognition

Like most social media platforms, you can open an Instagram account free and begin advertising your business. You can also launch pocket-friendly brand-awareness initiatives that help you build your enterprise and grow your fan base. Instagram thus offers a platform to interact, market, and bring more customers on board. All these are done through reduced costs hence unlikely to cause any financial constraints within the business.

Small business owner working in a flower shop making content.
Small business owner working in a flower shop making content.

Effective Instagram Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses In 2021

As Instagram seems to be the marketing frontier for small businesses, it is essential to discover effective means to use it successfully and attract more customers. Utilizing Instagram marketing in 2021 can significantly help you to build your customer base readily. Here are the top Instagram tips and tricks for small businesses to use in the new year.

1. Open a Business Account

When signing up on Instagram, you select a business or personal account based on your motives for using the platform. As a company, open a business account to access various benefits such as viewing analytics and run paid advertisements. Besides, it provides a platform for customers to contact and get to know your business. You also get to explore Instagram marketing strategies to reach more customers.

2. Fill Your Bio Strategically

Instagram gives businesses room to fill a small but precise bio to let customers comprehend anything they need to know about the company. Write an ideal bio and include hashtags and emojis that appeals to your customers. Other interesting formatting approaches to use include vertical spacing and link to your business website.

3. Use Hashtags in Your Feeds

The intent is to give your followers the best experience when they visit your Instagram page. However, you are also on your marketing path to convert users into customers. As to achieve this, use hashtags to all your feeds because it is an important feature that talks more about your business. Including hashtags enables those who are unaware of your enterprise to find your posts readily.

4. Implement Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have made a huge impact and can help small businesses’ Instagram pages excel on social media marketing. Instagram Stories often appear on top of the followers’ feed, making them more dynamic and with multiple features. You can post several Stories daily without overwhelming your followers’ feeds. Embracing Instagram Stories can make a big difference for small businesses using Instagram to promote their operations.

5. Consider Suitable Metrics

Metrics are essential to growing your Instagram business page, but you need to choose the right metrics. Determine which metrics enable you to make conclusive decisions, judge values, and take suitable actions. It would help if you avoided ‘vanity metrics’ that solely attract followers and likes without impacting your business.

6. Upload High-Quality Videos and Picture

Instagram allows users to upload both pictures and video of any quality. For this reason, make your Instagram page thrilling by uploading high-quality videos and pictures which are engaging, fun, and convey a message to your audience. You can also include videos on Instagram stories but avoid long videos as they may become tedious to watch.

7. Post Consistently

Your Instagram followers can become bored if they view a few feeds over a prolonged period. The best method to avoid such instances is scheduling a timeframe where you post regularly to keep users interested and informed. Even without upcoming special events or offers, create content suited for your business, and engage your customers.


Final Thought

Instagram allows small businesses to get a suitable visual platform to engage with their customers. Besides, it accompanies multiple benefits, attracting more clients, leading to a thriving business at low-cost. However, you should learn effective tricks and tips that help you grow your small business in 2021.


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